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SnapDraw Free - Release Version History

[+]   new feature
[-]   removed feature
[*]   improvement
[#]   bugfix

3.20 (19 August 2011)

[+]   SnapDraw is FREEWARE from now.

3.15 (24 October 2010)
[#]   Annotations Auto-numbering bug fix.

3.12 (12 September 2010)
[+]   Added Resize only Output Images larger than Final Image Size option.

3.11 (3 September 2010)
[#]   Maintenance release with small bugfixes.

3.10 (22 August 2010)
[*]   Added new "Send To" panel and moved + reorganized screenshot sharing panels.
[+]   New: Send To Twitter
[*]   Added multiple account lists for all Send To features (FTP, Email, Twitter)
[+]   New: Capture Workflow Automation - now it is possible to configure SnapDraw either to "Add To Image Composer" mode or to "Save To Disk" mode after capturing screenshot.
[#]   Resolved multimonitor issues. SnapDraw now fully supports capture on multimonitor setups.
[#]   Rewrite of ENTER/ESC interactive capture part. Now it should just work.
[#]   Corrected computations of Magnifier Effect boundaries when calculating final scene size.
[*]   Various small improvements.

3.01 (11 August 2010)
[+]   Added more annotation tools in Library.
[#]   Various small bugfixes.

3.00 (8 August 2010)
[+]   Complete overhaul of Annotation Tools system. All complicated settings (while powerful) were replaced by libraries of ready-to-use tools.
[+]   SnapDraw Tools Designer - added standalone application dedicated for creation and customization of Annotation Tools.
[+]   Saved screenshots browser with thumbnails preview.
[+]   Thumbnails preview of gradients & library of gradients.
[+]   Welcome QuickStart menu.
[+]   Drag & Drop items from saved Screenshots Browser and Library items too.
[*]   Reorganized (simplified) system of panels and toolbars.
[*]   Much faster saving and loading of screenshot projects.
[#]   Fixed issue with tiny gray frames around some reflections.

2.50 (15 February 2010)
[+]   New type of Arrow Cloud shapes -> Callout Cloud with customization options.
[+]   Added "Use Only Numbering" option in Arrow Cloud and Text tools.
[*]   Drawing Tools now automatically switch to Edit Tool after drawing object addition (this behaviour can be overriden by holding a CTRL key).
[*]   Added option "Apply gradient to Text as a whole" in Text and Arrow Cloud tools.

2.40 (7 February 2010)
[+]   Advanced Gradients for Fills and Strokes. In all places, where previously just solid color could be set, now also gradient can be used.
[+]   Full compliancy for Unicode. The annotation text being rendered in graphics supports all Windows Locales and related Unicode processing.

2.30 (2 February 2010)
[*]   Installation is now fully "Windows compliant" - installed files are now being split into the Program Files, AppData and MyDocuments directory locations. Administrator privileges are required for installation and uninstallation.
[*]   Redesign of drawing tools Toolbar right click menu. Default built-in tool styles are now at the bottom of the each main submenu.
[+]   Numeric Parameters panel for modifying object properties manually (position, dimension, scaling & rotation).
[+]   Individual reflection setting for images.
[+]   Scene Cropping (Custom Resizing).
[*]   Image cropping uses now reversed selection view (everything going to be cropped is covered with red transparent overlay and the result is clearly visible).

2.21 (26 December 2009)
[#]   Fixed occasional bug making application freezed when detected automatic update online (relates to 2.00, 2.10 & 2.20 on Windows XP).

2.20 (26 December 2009)
[+]   Image Cropping.
[*]   Shapes and Magnifier Effect are being RESIZED by default. Hold SHIFT for SCALE.
[*]   Infotext in generated Output Image View about returning to Edit Mode.

2.10 (10 December 2009)
[+]   New Live Help system with Samples & Support.
[+]   Background Image and Watermark Image can be embedded into the *.Screenshot file.
[#]   Fixed occasional freezing of application.

2.00 (23 November 2009)
[*]   New product name - changed from Alpha Screenshot to SnapDraw (better describes what the program does).
[+]   Completely rewritten User Interface. Now it features the system of floating/docking toolbars and panels. UI is fully skinnable (thanks to the SpTBXLib components).
[+]   Enhanced Tools Palette - annotation tools in toolbar can be RightClicked to access individual tool quick customizations, predefined and custom profiles.
[+]   New Tabbed Interface for Tool Properties - no more opening of another options window (eg. for shadow) - all is now in tabs inside one window with instant preview.
[+]   Interactive capture (with push of a button) - various modes allowing moving a mouse around the screen and perform the capture on the window marked with overlayed red frame.
[+]   Capture under the Windows Aero desktop calculates the proper bounding frames of glass windows (common problem of other capture tools, even the Snipping Tool from MS doesn't handle proper bounds of some dialog windows).
[+]   Edit scene objects locking.
[*]   More options for background Canvas (checkerboard, pattern, solid & gradient).
[*]   Installation is explicitely asking if user wishes to run program on Windows start.

1.32 (26 October 2009)
[#]   Fixed freezing of application on XP (always) and Vista+7 (sometimes).

1.31 (22 October 2009)
[+]   Check for Update functionality.
[*]   Registering from within the program itself.
[#]   Uninstallation Program Group removal & auto exiting running application.

1.30 (18 October 2009)
[+]   New Magnifier Effect Tool - allows easy creation of effects such as this.
[*]   Image Composer window now shows in Windows Taskbar.

1.20 (12 October 2009)
[+]   Loading & saving screenshot composition projects (*.Screenshot extension). Enables saving of the whole composition scene including all editable parts such as annotations, lines, shapes and text, so it is possible now later improve or re-output whole scene for different scenarios.
[+]   Capture What submenu - in main menu, contains now quick setting of the type of the capture mode for the Capture Key.
[+]   Open output image folder icon for quick access to the folder on the output path.
[+]   Save Image As ... - in right click menu of each image object. Allows quickly to save only a particular captured (or imported) image into its own image file.
[*]   Improved application update. Installer now recognizes, if application is already installed and performs update by pushing just one "update" button.

1.11 (8 October 2009)
[#]   Added image demultiplication just right before saving it to an output file.

1.10 (20 September 2009)
[+]   Annotation tools: Label with arrow (and numbering), Text (with numbering), Shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon and Star), Line Tool.
[+]   Profile settings - image composition scene and each new drawing tool can now remember custom created list of settings. This makes revoking particular tool setup a quick and easy process.

1.00 (16 September 2009)
[+]   Screen capture with recording of full windows Alpha Transparency/Translucency channel.
[+]   Image composition editor with 3D perspective rendering tool, watermarking and optional background color or image.
[+]   Reflection effect for group or individual set of images.
[+]   Automatic aspect ratio management for producing properly sized screenshots regardless of final image pixel size.
[+]   High quality image outputs thanks to graphics engine with subpixel antialiased rendering and set of resampling filters.
[+]   FTP upload, Send by Email, Copy to clipboard and Save to file functions.


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