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CrossGL SDK Technology Showcase

Here is the presentation of CrossGL capabilities. We created a few useful applications you can use for free for personal or commercial purposes. Applications try to cover most of imaging aspects of CrossGL. We will publish here a new free applications from time to time, so our advice is to checkback regularly.

All provided software doesn't require installation. You can use it directly (like portable applications) by clicking on an appropriate exe file.

Since we don't operate servers on which our webpages runs, it is always a good idea to check downloaded files with your favourite antivirus. We guarantee, our software is no-spyware/malware, just serious freeware.

Currently you can download the following software:

1.   CrossGL Draw
2.   CrossGL Surface Clock
3.   CrossGL Surface Calculator

        CrossGL Draw 1.00 Beta Preview 1
Full featured [**] vector graphics editor. Our goal is to create and deliver a new free vector & raster graphics drawing software for creating consumer, web & business graphics. Things such as promotional materials, various designs, artworks, calendars, business diagrams, organizational charts, invoices, logo desings and many more.

[**Note:] CrossGL Draw 1.00 Beta Preview 1 is Technological Demonstration of CrossGL graphics library capabilities and currently it is not intended to be end user friendly software. We plan to provide more usable free Vector Drawing program in future non-preview releases.

From the CrossGL perspective, application demonstrates:

  Pen (stroke) & all its API settings (solid, dash, outline, caps, joins, fills, ...)
  Fill (brush) & all its API settings (solid, pattern, gradient, distortions, ...)
  Gradients in detail (all API settings) including mesh-like gouraud gradients
  Shadow & all its API settings (drop, zoom, 3D, blur, ...)
  Path rendering (all SVG types)
  SVG Cliparts rendering
  Bitmaps rendering
  Text rendering with I18N support for more than 60 scripts and most languages of world
  Text Hinting & Kerning
  Primary & secondary transformations (all available, including perspective & warp)
  Cropping and Tiling (used by zoom function)
  Bitmap color depth conversion (quantization & dithering)
  Layering & scene composition
  Animated user interface components (buttons & fill preview)
  TemlCode based document storage & retrieval

Other user-level features:

  Path drawing & editing tool, multisegment paths creation for compound geometries with holes and individual line sections
  Zoom up to 1 million % (also for bitmaps)
  360 Rotating Canvas
  Full set of tools for creating professional calendars -> calendar grid tool, detailed calendar settings, calendar color schemes, calendar events editor.
  International calendars -> generates calendars for most languages of world with support for Left to Right calendars such as Arabic.
  Special document mode for Quick creation of one-year wallpaper monthly calendars
  Resampling dialog for images with Color depth reductions, Resampling filters, Photo frames and Visual Watermarking for easy publication of images on web.
  Dialog for creating gourad mesh gradients from underlying bitmap images
  Live print preview
  Ruler view for size indication
  Clipboard Copy & Paste
  Input formats: JPG, PNG, JNG (jpeg with transparency), SVG Cliparts

CrossGL Draw 1.00 Beta Preview 1 - ZIP Archive
Windows XP, Vista, 7
10,4 MB

        CrossGL Surface Clock 1.00 Beta
Full vector graphics desktop Clock that offers a unique, scalable interface that can be freely sized and placed anywhere on your desktop. You can make the clock display as large or as small as you like, and even rotate it 360 degrees if you feel the need for it. To size or rotate the clock, simply hover your mouse over the edges of the display to reveal the control buttons. CrossGL Surface Clock also comes with adjustable transparency settings, optional background animation and a date display. No installation needed, add it to your startup folder to have it launch automatically.

When rotating or scaling, notice how fluid the CrossGL's graphic is - smooth and without snapping to the pixel grid.

From the CrossGL perspective, application demonstrates:

  Realtime animation with CrossGL
  Gradient fills
  Background animation effects with Fill Distortion
  Transformations and 2nd level of transformations

CrossGL Surface Clock 1.00 - Executable
Windows XP, Vista, 7

615 KB[*]
[*]   We have compressed clock executable with UPX.
In case of any problems please download the uncompressed version.

        CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10 Beta
Full vector graphics Calculator and Currency converter desktop gadget with 360 UI. You can freely rotate and scale the calculator. Move mouse over one of the gadget corners to reveal the scaling and rotation controls. Calculator can run in background in your system-tray by pressing the Windows_Key+F2. You can also adjust level of gadget transparency. Whole gadget is one single exe file. You don't have to install it, just put it on the desktop or to the windows start-up folder.

When rotating or scaling, notice how fluid the CrossGL's graphic is - smooth and without snapping to the pixel grid.

From the CrossGL perspective, application demonstrates:

  Bezier curves & Gradient fills
  Transformations and 2nd level of transformations
  Interactions with Hit Testing (buttons) at any angle and scale

Changes in 1.10 Beta (10.2.2009):

[new]   Currency converter with 2nd and 3rd retractable display

CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10 - Executable
Windows XP, Vista, 7
830 KB[*]
[*]   We have compressed calculator executable with UPX.
In case of any problems please download the uncompressed version.


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