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Vector Clock Pro - Release Version History

[+]   new feature
[-]   removed feature
[*]   improvement
[#]   bugfix

2.20 - 2011.04 (8 May 2011)

[*]   Change of Alarm type preserves other Alarm settings
[+]   Added System Date & Time setting shortcut on Time tab of Settings
[+]   2 new pure digital clock skins
[+]   Added "Compact Memory" function in Tray Right click menu

2.10 - 2011.04 (2 April 2011)
[+]   Added Locale configuration in Settings
[+]   Added time formatting options (eg. h:mm:ss am/pm)
[+]   Show day of week option and hide digits seconds option
[#]   Fixed behaviour on multiple screens - when clock finds itself on non-existing screen (eg. after notebook undocking) - it moves itself to the main visible screen.
[#]   Various minor improvements and fixes.

2.00, 2.02, 2.04 (March 2011)
[+]   Function for placing a custom image on the clock face.
[+]   Option for changing the direction of Alarm Text (in settings).
[+]   Loop sound option for Alarm
[+]   11 Skins for dialogs and UI
[+]   Saving settings to Registry or to .config file (if .portable file present)
[+]   Clocks installer and uninstaller with option to install clocks as portable
[+]   Time Zone functionality
[+]   Clock information popup (info button or Right Click on Tray)
[+]   Embedded sounds
[#]   Fixed cropped rendering of context window on a few AMD based systems

1.00 - 1.12 (3 August 2009)
[+]   Initial release called CrossGL Reminder Clock brought on the desktop - for the first time ever - the ability to scale and rotate the clock to any size and angle, while retaining high fidelity of graphics being rendered in real time.


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